A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism


We are proud to present a collective statement that is, to our knowledge (and we would love to be wrong about this) the first of its kind.  In this post you’ll find a statement of feminist solidarity with trans* rights, signed by feminists/womanists from all over the world.  It is currently signed by 790 individuals and 60 organizations from 41 countries.

The statement can be found here in English. It is also available in French, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Serbo-Croatian.

The complete list of individual signatories is available here, or alphabetically or by country. The signatory list of organisations and groups is available here. We would love it if you signed it too. You can either use this form, or email us, or post a comment on this post or on the statement.

Our continued thanks to everyone for your support.

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I’ve started this blog to free myself from the confines of the “atheist movement.”
I don’t like being stuck in a little box, with a bunch of other people that just happen to share the lack of belief in a god or gods.
As if somehow that binds us in other areas of life.
It doesn’t.
There are atheist sexists, there are atheist homophobes.
There are atheist racists, there are atheist DV perpetrators.

I am freeing myself from the notion that atheists are equally kind, intelligent, and honorable.

The only thing that atheists share is a lack of belief in god or gods.
It does not speak to the wider characteristics of someone’s personality.

Many atheists like to say that it somehow does – but in reality – it does not.
Are atheists less likely to be the negative things I have mentioned above? Probably.

But probably hardly filters out the fact that men still dominate the atheist community.
It hardly filters out that there is still a rampant problem with rape culture -rape apologetics, patriarchy, and sexism –
And yes, it exists even within the atheist community.

That’s why I dislike the term “freethinkers” so much.
They are only “freethinkers” when it comes to religion – when it comes to other areas of social injustice or problems – not so much.

I don’t want those who are just trying to keep the status quo with everything but religion.

I want –
Those that aren’t afraid to admit that there are social problems.
Those that are not afraid of the term feminist.
Those that are not afraid of equality for all people.
Those that are fighting to change the culture in America.

Oh, yeah.
And they just happen to also be atheist.

I am a woman

I am a wife.

I am a mother.

I am a feminist.

I am an atheist.

La Femme Athée